Photos: PUSSY FAGGOT! London

We ended the tour on a high note at The MacBeth in East London, and club photographer SHARP ROCK (aka Peter Fingleton) was there to capture it.  In addition to tour regulars – Lady Miss Kier, Shane Shane, Colin Self and Gio Black Peter – the fun-filled evening included performances from Jonny Woo, A Man To Pet, Bryony Kimmings, Alexander and Ernesto the Naked Poet.

PUSSY FAGGOT! Time Out London Feature

By Ben Walters Posted: Wed May 2 2012

What’s in a name? Pussy Faggot comes to London :
New York’s premier queer performance party is coming to town.

Some club names are bland, some are funny, some are obscure. Then there’s Pussy Faggot. With serious connections to New York’s downtown performance and art scene, this is one party where the work is as outrageous as the name. And it’s currently on a two-week European tour, with its London debut the eighth and final show. ‘We’ll have developed some stamina,’ says the night’s creator, Earl Dax. ‘If we can make it through five nights back-to-back in five different countries, then Manchester on Friday and London on Saturday will be a snap…’

Read the full article online at Time Out London >>

One Night in Barcelona

The PUSSY FAGGOT! crew had a one night layover in Barcelona en route to Porto, and what a night it was… Gustavo Sanchez, PR director for the Sonar Festival, proved to be a wonderful host.  He brought us to a film premiere and rooftop afterparty before taking us to Mutt gallery and bookstore for an opening.  From there we hit the clubs.  All in all it was a grand night.

Paris: Trou Aux Biches v. PUSSY FAGGOT! (Photos)

On Saturday, May 5 the PF Euro tour rolled into Paris for a date with Trou Aux Biches at La Java, where both Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier made their debut public performances.  We were hosted in grand fashion by Anne-Claire Gallet, one of the party’s promoters, and the party roiled until 6 in the morning!  DJ Lady Miss Kier worked the crowd into a frenzy over the course of her 3-hour set, and all of the performers – Shane Shane, Colin Self and London’s CockNBullKid — were warmly embraced.  It was definitely a tour highlight.

PUSSY FAGGOT! Queer Zagreb (Photos)

The first-ever PUSSY FAGGOT! European Tour kicked off at the Queer Zagreb festival on Saturday, April 28 at Pogon Jedinstvo, an airplane hanger-type space that was transformed into a banging nightclub by the festival. Artists included DJ Lady Miss Kier (of Deee-Lite); London’s Jonny Woo; Italian drag king troupe Eyes Wild Drag; and New York performers M. Lamar, Colin Self, Shane Shane and Gio Black Peter.

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