In Conjunction with Andrew Andrew’s C U Next Tuesday at Parkside Lounge, Earl Dax presents #OccupyNIghtlife, a free public forum featuring a number of activists, artists and nightlife denizens who will share their experiences with the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Media presentations include video selections curated by The YES Men’s Andy Bichelbaum and a slide show of images by Shelley Marlow.  Participants include queer liberation pioneer and legendary club booker Jim Fouratt; independent media producer Joanie Moosy, and performance artist Penny Arcade.  This FREE event begins at 9:00 pm in the back room of Parkside Lounge, 317 E. Houston between Avenues B and C.

#OccupyNightlife (Hu)manifesto

Nightlife and club culture is arguably superfluous when contrasted with issues at the heart of the Occupy movement(s) and the thousands of protestors who have put their lives and bodies on the line. That said, the majority of promoters, DJs, bartenders, door staff, gogo dancers, and performers are themselves part of the 99% economically. Moreover, not only are nightlife workers are just likely to suffer from the austerity measures and social spending cuts proposed by political and banking interests, but conservative forces historically have worked to place significant limitation on various aspects of nightlife as threats to civic quality of life and moral order. Furthermore, in the growing Occupy movements domestically and internationally, those involved in the cultural production of nightlife have many skills and resources that can aid these movements… extensive email lists; wide social networks; creative approaches to messaging; experience with event production, etc. Join us in the back room of the Parkside Lounge for this preliminary forum highlighting the ways in which denizens of the night are already involved with Occupy movements and ways in which others can engage with these movements.

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